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Immoweb Protect / Rent Guarantee Insurance

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Insurance in detail

What is Rent Guarantee Insurance?

Assistance juridique
We take care of everything with our legal assistance
Up to 18 months of guaranteed rent
Legal protection up to €7,500
Accidental damage up to €30,000
Landlord rent guarantee insurance, assistance and legal protection

The Rent Guarantee Insurance insures the property you are renting against unpaid rent and accidental damage caused by your tenant. It also pays the legal fees.

Your tenant doesn't pay his rent anymore? We'll take care of it!
We fight to reach an agreement with your tenant and recover the unpaid rent.

In the meantime, we will pay the rents due to you.*
We pay legal fees for any litigation related to unpaid rent.
We provide you with a legal assistance during the eviction procedure.

We pay you the legal costs up to € 7,500.
We pay for repairs in case of accidental damage to your tenant.
In the event of unintentional damage, we will pay the costs of repairing the damage and refurbishing the property (only with the Premium package).
* The first payment shall be made 90 days after the claim has been reported. The first 3 unpaid rents shall be paid in full and simultaneously.
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Compare with the competition

Comparative table for a rented apartment € 600 in 1200 Brussels.

Unpaid rents
Legal protection
Up to € 7 200
€ 300 to pay
Waiting time
4 months
Phone support
Online claim form
Free cancellation at any time
Online purchase
€ 139,00 / year
i.e. 2,50 % of the rent
Immoweb Protect
Rent guarantee - Classic plan
Unpaid rents
Up to 12 months
Legal protection
Up to € 5 000
In case of unpaid rent
€ 0
Waiting time
2 months
Phone support
Online claim form
Free cancellation at any time
Online purchase
€ 234,98 / year
i.e. 3,26 % of the rent
AG Insurance
Landlord Pack
Unpaid rents
Up to 12 months
Legal protection
Up to € 7 200
€ 350 to pay
Waiting time
4 months
Phone support
Online claim form
Free cancellation at any time
Online purchase
€ 396,90 / year
i.e. 5,00 % of the rent
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2 out of 3 landlords have already experienced rent losses of more than two months.

Results of an Immoweb survey on “the impact of unpaid rent on landlords”, August 2017, 400 respondents

What to do in case of claim

Are you experiencing late payment or damage to your property?
Don't panic. We'll take matters into our own hands.

Late payment
  • Contact us directly.
  • We will forward your file to the legal advisors.
Amicable negotiation
  • Our team of experts tries to resolve the dispute amicably with your tenant.
  • A solution is found within 2 months? The file is closed.
No action? Reaction!
  • In the absence of an agreement, we will reimburse the first 3 rents due from the 90th day.
  • We then continue to reimburse 100% of the unpaid rent on a monthly basis.
Your legal protection
  • We are initiating legal proceedings before the justice of the peace.
  • We cover the legal costs while reimbursing unpaid rent.
Make a claim

It can happen to you, too.

Even a perfect tenant can experience difficulties (dismissal, divorce, death) that prevent him or her from paying the rent. We protect your rental income and advise you in case of problems.
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€ 13,83 / month
Price example
You can already insure an apartment located in Zaventem and rented € 600 € for only € 13,83 /month.

A solid and reliable partnership

This unique insurance is the result of a strong collaboration between 3 insurance experts in partnership with one of the biggest real estate market player in Belgium.

1st Belgian real estate site for more than 20 years.
Thousands of customers already trust Immoweb for their insurance.
Qover is the insurance partner for every digital business.
Qover markets the insurance product.
Pioneer in legal protection for more than 100 years.
D.A.S. provides the Legal Protection insurance.
Solid and trustworthy international risk management expert.
Great Lakes Insurance SE, part of Munich RE, covers the risk of the Rent Guarantee insurance.

Whatever your claim, the experts at DAS and Qover are at your side.

Your case is taken care of, you hardly have to do anything.
If necessary, you will receive official sample documents that you can fill in to help you with the process.
You are accompanied throughout the recovery process.
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Eligibility rules

The property must be
  • Located in Belgium.
  • Rented for residential purposes only.
  • Rented for at least 12 months.
The landlord must be
  • Aged of minimum 18 years old.
  • A permanent lawful resident of Belgium.
  • The rented property owner or the authorized person mandated by the rented property owner.
The rent
  • A tenancy agreement must be signed and registered.
  • Bank statements or equivalent proof showing the existence of a 2-month rental deposit.
  • A copy of the initial inventory document is required (Premium pack only).
The tenant
  • Either does not yet occupy the property.
  • Or occupies the property since less than 45 days or since more than 6 months If more than 6 months, the tenant must be up to date with rent payments and no payment incident must have occurred for the last 6 months.
Other conditions
  • A waiting period of 60 days applies at the start of the insurance contract.
  • A new waiting period of 60 days starts for any change of tenants during the contract period.
  • Only one unpaid rent claim per occupying tenant is allowed.
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