Does working from home affect home insurance?

Does working from home affect home insurance?

Does working from home affect home insurance?

The Covid-19 pandemic has added another dimension to working from home. It has now become routine. But what should you do about your home insurance when you work from home?

In the last few years, more and more employees have seen the benefits of working from home. Saving on commuting, better work-life balance, less stress, fans of home working endlessly sing its praises. 

How does working from home affect your home insurance?

When it comes to insurance, it always pays to ask questions. But, in the case of working from home, the answer is quite clear: most home insurance policies cover damage caused to your home when you are working from home under a contract of employment. The same applies if your work computer causes a fire.

You don’t have to take any particular steps with your insurance company.

How can I insure myself if I build an annex to set up a home office?

If you decide to build an annex to your home to house an office for more peace and quiet, you will need to amend your policy to cover this extension. But, dedicating this space to your work does not alter the status of your property in the eyes of your insurer. It is still covered by your normal home insurance.

What insurance do you need for a garden office?

The success of home working during the Covid-19lockdowns popularised the concept of the garden office. These prefabricated kits for setting up in the garden provide a dedicated workspace outside the house for a lower cost than an actual extension.

If you install this type of structure, please contact your insurer to review your cover.

Important: even if it is not a permanent structure, you might still need planning permission or an environmental permit. Remember to contact your local authority to save yourself problems in future.