Fire insurance, a comprehensive coverage

Fire insurance, a comprehensive coverage

Fire insurance, a comprehensive coverage

Fire insurance covers more than just fire damage. Basic and optional coverage covers the main risks for your home.

Broader coverage than fire

Fire insurance, also known as home insurance, covers damage caused by fire but not only that.  Theft, water damage, glass breakage, etc. can also be covered.

In a standard policy, there are often two possibilities for insuring your home: basic coverage and options. The combination of these 2 possibilities offers the insured a complete coverage ofhis home and its content.

1. Basic cover 

These are all the elements that are automatically included in the contract. For example, reimbursement of damage caused by a fire for which you are responsible.

2. The options 

Options are additional and optional elements. By choosing different for options, the insured extends his or her coverage. The risks covered may be directly or indirectly related to the fire.For example, legal protection, which covers possible legal costs after a loss.Or theft protection, which allows you to be reimbursed in the event of a burglary.

Comprehensive coverage for homeowners and tenants

Depending on your status, your needs will be slightly different. That's why our Home Protect fire insurance offers an answer to your specific needs.

Are you a homeowner? In addition to covering your own property, we compensate for damage caused to third parties if you are liable or if a covered loss has spread to the neighbourhood.

Are you a tenant? We will reimburse you, for example, for damage caused by a fire for which you are responsible (kitchen accident, cigarette or candle not properly extinguished). Of course, there are many more cases. We invite you to discover them in our article on fire insurance for tenants.

Your Home Protect fire insurance

By combining the basic guarantees and the options of the Home Protect fire insurance, you benefit from a complete coverage. Whether you are an owner or a tenant.

With the Home Protect insurance, you also benefit from the "everything is covered except what is excluded"principle. The list of exclusions is directly visible in the description of your coverage.

Your guarantees with our fire insurance 

  • A solution for everyone:owners, tenants, expats and flatmates.
  • A team available to answer all your questions.
  • No surprises, thanks to the"everything is covered except what is excluded" principle.

To discover at a glance what is included in the basic coverage and options of your fire insurance, simply make your own online simulation.