How to choose your home insurance

How to choose your home insurance

How to choose your home insurance

Price, coverage, service ... What are the criteria to consider when choosing your home insurance without making a mistake?

The criteria for home insurance

Home insurance, also known as fire insurance in Belgium, protects your home. It is therefore an essential insurance policy, even if it is not always legally required.

When choosing your home insurance, you should take into account various criteria.

  • Which property you would like to insure.The risks covered.
  • The excess to pay in the event of a claim.
  • The method of compensation. 

Before analysing these criteria, however, it is important to determine why you are taking out your insurance.  

Tenant, owner, buyer?

Your coverage will indeed be different depending on your status. This is normal. Your insurance needs are not exactly the same depending on whether you are a homeowner or a tenant.

You rent a home

In this case, your insurance will cover damage to the house itself and that of your neighbours. This insurance may also cover your furniture.

Your furniture is also covered in the event of damage caused by a third party. For example, if a fire breaks out in a flat in your building and this fire causes damages to your flat.

You are the owner of the property you occupy 

The insurance covers the bricks and the content. In the event of damage, your home or that of a third party is covered according to the risks included in the home insurance policy you have takenout.

You buy a property without occupying it 

Your insurance covers damage to your home and its contents. If the property is occupied by a tenant, his or her own insurance may also be called upon in the event of a claim.  

Complete information for each criterion

With Immoweb Protect home insurance, there are no surprises.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, you have complete information about your insurance.  

  • You benefit from extensive coverage. This avoids any unpleasant surprises. Exclusions are clearly mentioned on your contract.
  • You can calculate your premium directly online.

Do you want to insure your home? To make your insurance even easier, Immoweb Protect allows you to make an online simulation to receive a personalised offer directly.