Pets: what insurance covers damage caused?

Pets: what insurance covers damage caused?

Pets: what insurance covers damage caused?

Pets can sometimes cause damage. As you are responsible for your animal, you have to indemnify the injured party. Good news, your family liability insurance covers you in most cases!

Public liability insurance, also called family insurance, covers damage that a member of your household might cause to others. The good news is that a pet is considered as a member of your house hold by your insurer. So there’s no need to take out dog or cat insurance if you have pets.

Imagine that your dog escapes and causes a road traffic accident. A brand-new car is written-off and the bill amounts to 32,000euros. The insurance company covers the cost of replacing the vehicle. The same applies if your cat decides to scratch your neighbour’s garden furniture.

A Swiss insurer recently worked out that an accident involving a dog or a cat costs between 1,200 and 3,200 euros, or the cost of a very nice holiday.

Remember: family insurance won’t pay out if your cat scratches your own garden furniture.

Is family public liability insurance compulsory?

No, in Belgium, it is not compulsory to take out public liability insurance. However, it can be very useful when you bear in mind the astronomical sums that could apply if one of the injured parties is left disabled by an accident caused by your pet. So, family insurance offers you greater peace of mind when you get a dog, cat or horse(which is also considered as a pet).

Note: if a pet is used for business purposes, it is not covered by family public liability insurance. This applies to a dog breeder or riding school owner, for example.

Worth knowing: family public liability cover may be included in your Immoweb Protect combined home insurance.