What home insurance should you choose as an expat in Belgium?

When moving to Belgium as an expat, your priority is to find a home, which then needs insuring. What should you bear in mind when choosing home insurance?

Moving to Belgium as a foreign national? Expats generally choose to rent a property first of all. So, they will need to insure it. In fact, in Flanders and Wallonia, home insurance is compulsory for tenants. In the Brussels-Capital Region, landlords generally insist on it.

What does home insurance cover in Belgium?

Home insurance covers fire, storm, hail, water damage and, more generally, natural disasters.

This means that if your home is affected by loss or damage, the insurer covers the repair or reinstatement of the building.

The compulsory nature of this type of insurance protects tenants from financial complications should they have to restore the property to its original condition out of their own pocket following a disaster for which they might not even be responsible.

If your house has special features such as a swimming pool, remember to check your coverage and adapt it if necessary.

Can expats take out wider insurance cover?

Of course. Everyone is advised to do so. Generally speaking, home insurance only covers the building, not the contents. For instance, optional theft cover enables you to refurnish your home if you are burgled. This means that you can personalise your level of cover when taking out your home insurance.

What home insurance should you choose as an expat?

Multilingual online home insurance seems most appropriate, because you can set it up before moving to Belgium.