Why choose Home Protect home insurance?

Why choose Home Protect home insurance?

Why choose Home Protect home insurance?

Immoweb Home Protect is an online home insurance for tenants and owners. A 100% digital insurance and a 100% human service.

Insure your home in just five minutes

With Immoweb Home Protect, all the information you need to choose your home insurance is available online. A few clicks are all it takes to find out everything about the extent of the coverand the options available.    

No long questionnaire to fill in to find out the price of your insurance! Thanks to the price simulation, there are no surprises.

Find an answer to all your questions

Choosing your home insurance quickly is even better when everything is clear and well understood. Insurance is a complex subject, so it's normal to need more information.  

With Immoweb Home Protect, the online solution is coupled with a 100% human service. Do you have other questions about your home insurance? Just ask our assistant Billy or a member of the team directly.

Insurance for everyone: owners or tenants

Home Protect offers a solution for everyone.

  • Homeowner
  • Tenant
  • Flatmate
  • Expats

A personalised solution for every situation. The home Protect insurance is tailored specifically to you. You can even insure your furniture and its contents.

The various options are also very practical for extending your cover without multiplying the insurance.

Our policyholders trust us

People who have already opted for HomeProtect have every reason to be satisfied. In fact, they give us a rating of4.6 out of 5.

What our policyholders appreciate most:

  • The simplicity and speed
  • The choice of options
  • The quality/price ratio
  • The professionalism and helpfulness of the team