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Are you renting?

Home insurance for tenants is mandatory in Wallonia and Flanders, and often requested in the Brussels-Capital region. It serves mainly to cover your tenant liability and to protect you against unforeseeable catastrophes. But it could offer much more.

We have set up the best home insurance of the market, with exclusive features such as the 24h assistance and the bike omnium.

To ensure optimal support in case of problem, we have created a very simple and digital claim filing process, in which your documents are independently certified. Simple, reliable, efficient.

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Are you a landlord?

Choosing the right tenant is crucial to ensuring a profitable rental yield and protecting your property.

However, 2/3 of the owners have already faced unpaid rent problems. The average time to resolve this kind of issue is over 9 months. Financial losses can quickly add up, not to mention the costs associated with accidental damage and legal proceedings.

To protect you against these inconveniences, we offer a rent guarantee insurance calibrated on our experience of the market. It covers you against unpaid rents, accidental damage, and assists you in legal proceedings, all of it since the very first steps.

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