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The fire insurance really designed for tenants

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* Offer subject to conditions.

* We know choosing an insurance is an important step. We want you to take your time to find exactly what you need. This is why our discount is valid for a full month. Action valid from 24/11/2020 to 24/12/2020 included. 
Offer valid only during the 1st year.

The best protection for your goods while you’re renting an apartment or a house

Assistance 24h/7
Exclusive service

You have damage that is insured in your contract and you urgently need help? Then contact the assistance.

What is included in your assistance 24h/7 ?

  • Request information from our information service
  • Help for small services or work
  • Help for your central heating system or central water heater
  • Assistance after a disaster, including:
    • A replacement car
    • An ambulance to the hospital
    • The home helper
    • The adoption of emergency measures
    • Moving your furniture
    • Monitoring
    • Cleaning service
    • The care of children or disabled persons
    • The reception of dogs and cats
    • Returning home earlier
    • Sending urgent messages
    • The search for a hotel room
  • Your keys are lost or your lock is unusable
  • Assistance in the event of an accident in the insured building
Fire and related perils
We pay for the damaged due to fire when you are responsible.
Damage due to electricity
We only compensate for material damage to electrical and electronic equipment due to the fact that they suddenly receive too much electricity and only if you are responsible.
Damage caused by smoke and soot
By this we mean the material damage from smoke and soot caused by a sudden, unexpected event for which you are responsible.
Water/oil damage and infiltration
We reimburse the damage caused to the building by water or fuel oil for which you are responsible.
Relocation indemnity
If you are obliged to leave your apartment or home before the end of the rental agreement, we will, under certain conditions, pay the penalties that you must pay to the owner in accordance with the law applicable to the rental agreement of the main residence.
Glass break
We pay for the damage to the insured glass when it breaks or bursts.
Family civil liability
Damages that you or your family cause to third parties.
Material damages to your content
Material damage to your personal belongings.
Protection against theft and vandalism
Cover your content in case of theft or vandalism. You can choose to cover it at 100% or 50%.
Legal protection after fire and related perils
Protects you against the legal costs after a fire or other perils.
Material damage to the bike or theft of the bike.


Damage where the tenant is not liable

Major force, the fault of a third party and the fault of the owner.

Damage caused by environmental pollution

Damage caused by fuel oil remains insured.

For the family liability damage resulting from the strictly contractual liability
Damage due to work on the building or on a building under construction

Damage due to fire or explosion remains insured by a minor repair.

Damage caused by asbestos
Deliberate damage by an insured
Damage caused by the police, the army or war

To have the full list of exclusions, you can read:

Terms and conditions

The Home Insurance is also:

  • The best on price/quality of the Belgian market
  • A super complete protection
  • Immediate help by phone or email in case of problems
  • Proactif handling and following of your specific case in case of an incident
  • Pay the complete sum or pay by the month
  • Super secure SSL payment
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